TimeScout Monitor.  This product helped parents manage the never-ending headache of too much screen time.  Time was loaded onto cards, which the kids swiped along a card reader to turn on a device. When they were out of time, they were out of luck. Since kids had to use it against their wishes, we created a "kid friendly" survival guide. They probably still hated the monitor (my kids did) but at least it evoked a smile or two.


Imaginisce.  Hundreds of new products each year required a lot of packaging.  Fortunately, it was a lot of fun to write.  This is just a tiny sample of all we did.


High West Distillery.  We created neck hangers for each spirit, each with its own distinct flavor.

High West Distillery. For their gift card presenter, we captured the essence of the saloon, restaurant and store in three short words.