Neighborhood House. It is Utah's oldest nonprofit and has a wonderful legacy in our community. This corporate giving brochure was first unveiled at their annual Tent Party in 2012 and helped them raise more money that night than they'd ever raised before.  I've included the copy below:


Our House is Neighborhood House.

A place where individuals, their families, and the community have seen quality of life improve since 1894.

Our house is a home away from home. A a safe and caring place where all are welcome, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our house holds a powerful legacy. And a brighter future for all who enter.

The family in our house range in age from 2 to almost 102.

In our house, we teach for life, giving our preschoolers a head start and our youth the tools to succeed.

We care. We nurture. And we celebrate the special place each person has in our house.

Welcome to our house.

We invite you to make it yours.


These inserts in the back of the brochure provide more information about the individual programs available at Neighborhood House.



Imaginisce. I've often joked that I want to name fingernail polish colors. (Check them out. You'll find names like Over The Taupe and Hotter Than You Pink.) Working for Imaginisce was the next best thing. Or perhaps better. I helped create their brand,  whimsical personality, and all of their launch materials -- including catalogs and packaging. That meant that I not only got to name countless products, but write the copy to sell them.


Park City Mountain Resort. I worked on their vacation planners for a few years in a row. Life is good when you get to write about something you love.


Found. I've also written numerous brochures for tech, finance, real estate, medical,  wireless, you name it.  Found was a start-up company that designed inventory management software.  Complicated stuff, but a simple message.